How Do GPs choose an Allied Health Practitioner?

GPs treat all ages and types of patients across all aspects of physical and mental health. As part of this they need to engage a variety of services and practitioners to best help their patients. In Australia, GPs coordinate the care of chronic disease, and are a trusted source of information and advice for all aspects of their patients’ health.

GPs are generally time poor. To know in detail about all possible services, specialists and Allied Health Practitioners (AHPs) they could possibly refer a patient to is close to impossible.

When choosing a psychologist, physiotherapist, dietician, or any other Allied Health Practitioner to refer their patient to, GPs often refer to one or two practitioners known to them, or whoever is close by. Alternatively, they can spend a lot of time trying to find the AHP with the right experience for a particular patient’s problem, which is often difficult. In many cases, the right practitioner for them may be just around the corner without the GP realising the skill-set they possess.

GPs receive paper information often, from a myriad of sources, and most of it is forgotten, discarded or accumulates somewhere it cannot be found when needed.

Since launching 3 years ago, GPHQ has provided a solution for GPs looking for up to date information on the right medical specialist for their patient, right on their consulting room computer.

The GPHQ Allied Health Practitioner Directory will provide WA GPs with exactly the information they need to find the best AHP for their patient quickly and easily. Make sure you are on it!


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