Nicole Setton is a Psychotherapist and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) providing Psychotherapy and Counselling for 30 years to individuals and couples.

• Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counsellor
• Established Fremantle Counselling Studio in Beaconsfield
• Worked extensively in Women’s Health
• Specialising in Unplanned Pregnancy (UPP) Counselling for women and their partners/significant others for the past 13 years
• Sexual Health and UPP Counsellor at Family Planning WA (now known as Sexual Health Quarters WA) for 11 years
• Developed and facilitated UPP training programs for Health Professionals at FPWA
• Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
• Member of Australian Association of Social Workers
• Member of The National Alliance of Abortion and Pregnancy Option Counsellors

I provide counselling and support for the partners/significant others/couple. I also provide counselling for the couple that has a UPP. I am aware of the importance of attending to each individual in the couple equally. I aim to support both the individuals in the relationship and the relationship itself.


Who is appropriate for Counselling?

Patients include those with:

• Difficulties in decision-making processes
• Depression, anxiety or mental health issues
• Previous terminations that were unresolved
• Domestic violent relationships or difficult relationships
• Under 16-year-olds
• Complicated life circumstances and or are in current stressful situations
• Significant losses in the preceding 12 months- such as death, divorce, separation, forced relocation etc
• Pregnancy is a result of non-consensual sex
• Later term pregnancies
• Other (note- I refer clients to other agencies where there are severe domestic violence or major substance use issues)


How do GP’s refer?

A written note or letter to the counsellor is required so that your patient can meet the requirements to be eligible for the Medicare rebate for Non- Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling.

Once referred what happens next?

I will advise you that your patient has contacted me and when the first appointment is, after that time I will liaise with you regarding the outcome of the sessions, with your patient’s consent. I endeavour to see clients with a UPP within 24-48 hours of referral. If I am unable to do so I will discuss the patient’s needs with them and refer to another qualified UPP counsellor if needed.

Counselling Fees

My hourly fee is $120. This accrues a $62.20 rebate from Medicare for each of the 3 Non-Directive Pregnancy Counselling Support sessions. Some clients will not need all 3 sessions and others may need more. For those that need more counselling, a MHCP may be appropriate if financial concerns are present, otherwise, clients can continue without one. Should they have the MHCP they will receive approx $75 rebate. I am open to negotiate my fee if needed. Alternatively, I may refer to Sexual Health Quarters WA where clients can access counselling for a minimal fee.

Contact Details

Please feel free to contact me. I welcome any queries or questions you may have. 0466-840-466