Premium Listings are more visible to GPs.
Display a profile picture, clinic logo, cover image, special interests, training, experience and what you offer GPs and Patients.
A Premium Listing on GPHQ costs just $89 per year (including GST) and can easily be managed by you or your practice manager.

How to Claim your Listing

We keep our ear to the ground, and most WA Specialists are already listed on our directory.

1: Search the directory by entering your name in the keywords box

2: Find your listing and click on it to open it up

3: Hit the “Claim Listing” button. (if this is not visible please contact us on

4: Pay the annual subscription using your credit card, and be sure to click “claim all listings with my name” if you consult at multiple locations. You can claim all your listing locations for no additional fee.

5: Go to My Listings – all listings you have claimed or created can be seen here.

6: Edit/improve your listings by clicking Edit and adding photos, logos, bio, and special interests.

7: To add a new consulting location at no extra charge contact us for a code to allow you add more listings for free.

8: Connect with WA GPs.


How to Create a Listing

Not listed on the directory? No worries.

1: Click Add New Listing

2: Fill out the details about your practice

3: Preview, and when you are happy click “choose a package”

4: The listing will remain Premium for 12 months. You can add additional listings at no extra cost – contact us for the code.